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Town centre church St James will again play a key role in this year’s Accrington Food and Drink Festival, its vicar saying he can’t wait to see the town buzzing with so many people again.

Last year the church grounds hosted a thrilling live re-enactment of a Second World War skirmish, played  to commemorate the D-Day landings. It proved such a popular attraction that it is set to return at this year’s festival, on Saturday, June 2nd .

“St James Church has the only remaining green space in the centre of Accrington, so it’s a great place to put on events,” said its vicar, Rev. Ian Enticott.

“It was great last year to see every boundary of the church lined with people, just because there were so many people wanting to see what was going on.”

Last year’s 20-minute all-action re-enactment saw German troops, including a sniper in the church tower, trying to hold off against advancing American GIs.