It isn’t what you first assume, no fish eggs involved! Instead, a complex, innovative dish, bursting with fruity flavour – normally reserved for Michelin starred restaurants.

Suzanne Slater and Lin Slater from Duckworth’s Estate Agents, sponsors of the Accrington Food Festival, testing the Benedictine flavoured Accrington Caviar with custard.

Accrington and Rossendale College Students have taken a scientific approach to the signature dish for this year’s 21st Accrington Food Festival.

The experimenting has been done in their kitchen, within Roots Restaurant, looking more like a laboratory. The students pushed their culinary skills further than ever before to create an exciting treat for the people of Accrington.

The students have created two choices, a fruity caviar and a Benedictine caviar, which can be served alongside homemade custard. The Benedictine is a nod to The Accrington Pals, it was their favourite tipple according to reports. Benedictine sales in East Lancashire were so high they contributed to most sales worldwide during world war II, and this has continued to this day.

The brightly coloured caviar pearls have been a great hit with members of staff from Duckworth’s Estate Agents, one of the sponsors of the food festival, who took part in a tasting at the College.

Lin Slater, from Duckworth’s Estate Agents said:

“They taste like Benedictine sweets, I’m so surprised. They explode a little in your mouth too, its brilliant. The students have done a brilliant job, the dish has completely exceeded my expectations. The custard is lovely too, I am really impressed. I can imagine this will be a huge hit on the day.”

Accrington Caviar – Jelly pearls, bursting with Benedictine flavour

George Parkinson, 16, Tommy Edmundson, 16, and Mica McKno, 18, are all Level 2 professional cookery students at Accrington and Rossendale College. They wanted to create something different for this year’s food festival, and with months of experiments, trials and testing they have now finalised their perfect dish.

Chris Dobson, Chef at Roots Restaurant and Tutor to catering students at the college said:

“The Accrington Caviar is created through a complex process. To make the liquid centred ‘caviar’ jellies a solution of sodium algamate combined with fruity flavours and Benedictine is carefully dripped into a calcium bath using a pipette, after it has cured, and the chemical reaction has happened the pearls can be fished out and rinsed.”

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